On-Site Energy Meter Control

30 May 2018 removal of EDAS ' permission to make additional accruals to meters who have completed 10 years in the field under the Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation directed EDAS to control meters in the field more strictly and practically. In fact, the truth is that electricity distribution companies do functional and measurement control in place to prevent unnecessary dismantling of meters in cases such as failure, leakage, wrong connection, missing or excessive consumption objections. All electronic meter brands in use in our country have their own fault , weakness and reading diversity makes it difficult to keep the field under control.

It is extremely difficult to make these controls in the field quickly with the existing personnel outside the initiative and it is high cost due to the lack of trained expert staff.Unfortunately, due to the high cost of control equipment, lack of ergonomics and lack of integration with EDAS systems, these studies have proved inconclusive. The failure to carry out these controls is therefore causing EDAS to suffer serious losses in the medium and long term in the fight against loss and breakdowns in our country.

The internal information of all these brands can be read in a practical manner in 60 seconds with the accuracy and loss / leak analyzer of the electricity meters made entirely with domestic and national facilities as a result of the investigations and analyses made in Turkey ,connection errors are alerted by the system , accuracy testing can be performed if necessary and the program can automatically classify.

After this stage, the reading data reflecting the status of the counters is automatically interpreted and the work orders are produced. In the light of these comments, the statistics are analyzed in the background by more experienced expert staff and studies are carried out about possible new error scenarios . All the scenarios that are encountered in various regions of Turkey for the next version of the device, generate data, and remote updating every day with customer complaints , failure , link failure , loss, leakage continues to work played a more active role in combating regarding.

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