Prepaid Electricity Meter

1) In the traditional structure , after the average consumption of thirty days after any billing period of the customer, the invoice is delivered to the customer by reading the meter. In this case, the collection will be realized 30 to 40 days after the energy is used. In the use of pre-paid electricity meter, pre-paid collection is realized before the customer starts using the energy.

2) Prepaid out-of-building electronic meters are products with advanced technology developed for use in facilities or organizations with collection and cutting problems , especially in electricity distribution companies, sites and shopping centers that subscribe from a single meter.

3) Since there is no customer who does not pay his/her debt in the use of prepaid meters, the process of opening / disconnecting from the debt will not take place. In this case, employment advantage will be provided for the companies that distribute electricity.

4) Subscribers who use a prepaid meter use electricity at a fixed price until their credit runs out so they are not affected by possible price increases.

5) The budget that electricity users will allocate to electricity will be under their control and thus spending is made according to their own budget.

6) The counter alerts the user when the credit is low and when it is finished ; there is also a backup credit feature for situations where the installation cannot be done.

7) Since there will be no guarantee fee, there will be no additional cost to the subscribers .

8) Counters with prepaid cards are non-building feature and have RFID technology . Thanks to this feature , it works comfortably at temperatures between -40°C and +85°C, in areas with high humidity and dust ratio. They do not require maintenance during the warranty period. RFID technology is extremely important in terms of quality when it is considered that the internal meters fail in a short time in damp and dusty environments and the need for maintenance at least once a year.

10) In plants with generators , it is possible to schedule the generator in a separate tab with the help of the generator tariff input circuit in prepaid meters .

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