Remote Manageable Reading Module For M2M

M2M is the technology in which many end unit data such as meter, energy analyzer, ups, alarm system are wired or wireless to the databases of companies.

In recent years , the use of remote-managed reading modules has been highlighted due to the fact that the end units have different physical communication layers , the existence of various communication protocols, and the disadvantages of transparent and intelligent modems.

M2M Market in the world

According to ETSI's statement in 2012, the M2M infrastructure in the world has the capacity to connect 50 billion devices, and this number is increasing rapidly every day.

According to the statement made by the OECD, the M2M market could reach 700 million in 2020.According to data from another source (Analysys Mason, 2013), it is estimated that in 2021 there will be a total of 2 billion remote reading modules in the world.

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